Disclaimer: The following post is not from the Board of Van Loon (hereafter BOD). It is the opinion, research and collection of factual documents by the author.  Written communications from the BOD have been inserted for illustrative purposes.  (FYI: All web blogs are the thoughts, opinions of the writers- when a decent BOD is elected, Van Loon Commons will have a real communication system and I can discontinue this – I have a job, a large family and a life)

SEX, LIES & VIDEOTAPES at Van Loon Commons?   2 out of 3 maybe?  Haha.

So much to post.  Election Bumbles, Insurance, Video Taping of Bathing Beauties (or whomever-creepy!)  Swale grasses being violations, TAXABLE INCOME?  How much taxable income will Van Loon have?  Is our only option to VOTE BY PROXY TO MOVE IT TO RESERVES?  On the Proxy sent to owners, it is.  What was the tax paid by Van Loon in prior years?  To be discussed as a separate post.  (Proxy posted) 2016 PROXY – INDICATING TAX LIABILITY

2 “inquiries” were made to the current BOD regarding issues that are questionable, by email.  As Pam Decraene told me before –  “Cathy, we are just going to ignore you!”, the BOD is adhering to this plan.  The newsletter below appears to welcome questions and comments; maybe only if you don’t really ask any questions?   (KEEP GOING THE INSURANCE DEBACLE – AS BAD AS THE WATER METER SCANDAL).

As someone who has spent 25 years in fields of investigation – you don’t ask a question that you don’t already have a good idea of the answer.  You ask for the facts, the documents.  Each time any owner has asked for information (Insurance POLICY – SURPLUS, UNINSURED INSURANCE, CHECK OTHER ATTACHMENTS) the BOD has paid the “Legal Team” as they refer to them, to review requests, addressed in Florida State’s Chapter 718.  The Chapter BOD members must certify they UNDERSTAND the statutes by taking a class or self – certifying.  It doesn’t seem to be very effective.   Sigh……

Here is the newsletter welcoming questions AND stating that Van Loon’s Swale Grasses in the Retention Basins were not in compliance with the City of Cape Coral’s municipal codes.  It took awhile to remember where we had seen this, other than hearing it stated during the Nov 2015 budget meeting by BOD members.  The same BOD who referred to the mud retention grasses, planted prior to any of them purchasing there, as ugly weeds.  Hmmm.  We saw the BOD walking around in 2014, stressing over those ugly “weeds” which have a purpose.  Now, we have a mowed down, really ugly retention basin.  Some of us loved the croaking frogs; thousands of them that came to life in periods of heavy rains.  They are all gone now.

(We if you had a lower floor condo, and a major hangover or didn’t feel well, the frogs might drive you up the wall?)

2015 JUL – VLC Board Newsletter

2009 _ Cape Coral Newsletter SWALE GRASS PROGRAM

Oh, look…..a 2009 Cape Coral Newsletter about putting Swale Grasses in?? Van Loon buildings weren’t completed until late 2007 and the only real property manager, who spent time on site was present when the City had Van Loon plant them as Mud Retention grass and to protect water from runoff. Jim and I were here when they were planted and also under the impression that a BOD had to have a vote from owners before making any significant changes.  We guess, unless the City mandated the removal now.  As the BOD won’t respond.

Jim spoke with the Horticulturist for the City of Cape Coral for about 30 minutes on the Swale Grasses and what mandate was issued to mow them down.  The Horticulturist went through Van Loon’s originally filed landscaping plans and all other actions since then, noting fire inspections, direction in regards to a storage pod, sprinkler issues. He checked with Code Enforcement also which he said was the only other department that may have had input.  Nada. Nothing there either.  see a pattern?   Our current Board is a Sales Team.  We are adults and are entitled to the truth. If you thought the Grasses were ugly and hated the frogs, then SAY THAT!  Give owners the option to vote on these changes and stop making up stories!  (Cathy Hutton is keeping us from making progress on the water meters and causing legal fees Mar/Apr 2014. Waiting on that first meter bill now, JAN 2016!)

Below are the TOUGH questions asked of the current BOD ( and no responses)

2015 DEC 28 – VLC Taxable Income


Were they hard to answer?  We have owned here since 2005 and feel like the BOD has been “hijacked” by a really bad Sales Team.

The Election?  That is another story.  I need to scan some things and insert.

The SEX and VIDEOTAPES?  🙂  Keep waiting for the SEX, haha,  but the VIDEOTAPES….Yup, that is a topic for discussion.  I am bringing masking tape with me this week and will cover the pool cameras.  Disgusting. Really.  The Agendas and minutes on the “Security Cameras” don’t mention BOD members, spying on owners trying to enjoy their pool.  Totally Gross to any normal female..  And LIED about at the Nov 2015 Budget meeting.

All for now……I have a good book waiting.  And yes, we have a great life ( except for dealing with lies at Van Loon over the past 3 years!)Property Insurance?  Huge Issue.  We were informed by Brown & Brown that Pam Decraene directed him to not provide us any information on our “Surplus Insurance”.  “She” will be sending another letter to owners, “explaining the program you are in”.  Our Navy Federal Credit Union who underwrote the mortgage on our condo is also interested in the “program” of Unlicensed and Uninsured providers, for only those rejected by Standard programs; including state subsidized Citizens?  Why wouldn’t  Ms. Decraene provide this “program info” when she made her speech at the Nov 2015 budget meeting about NO HURRICANES RESULTED IN BIG SAVINGS?

Looking forward to her letter….Ho Ho Ho…. (He was fine 1 second after!)

Brody - Santa 2015