The only website – for now – as of July 2018 VLC will be REQUIRED by the State of have one

The Twitter addition may generate another $4-6,000 legal bill to “research” litigation as our board likes to “call my attorney”!   The first $6,000 spent for the attorneys to read this blog led to the following “Disclaimer”.  The attorney, Mr. Jason Himschoot indicated that the use of the domain name was a trademark infringement (way off on that – should refund VLC for part of the bill) and requested that we identify ourselves as not representing the board.  We don’t.

DISCLAIMER: This web blog is the ORIGINAL SOURCE  – and – NOW ONLY SOURCE – FOR INFORMATION REGARDING VAN LOON COMMONS and the only apologies made by the owners are to their dear family members for buying a CONDO IN FLORIDA.  Statutes are written to be suggestions and “Caveat Emptor” is as true as when buying a “pre-owned” vehicle.

We tried to explain to the board members, Pam Decreane, Brenda Hallihan and (former owner) Rick Aliperti about Domain names and continuity of what a website/blog is.  How the registrant owns the rights… Which would be our last property management company who was recently “not renewed”, terminated, whatever about 5 minutes after we obtained information regarding a certain board member having submitted for work performed inside their condo to be reimbursed, 4 months after the work was done.  One of the multiple board attorney’s sent us a letter indicating that it had been re-paid by the board member other owners heard complaints about the property management company and their lack of competence in several areas.  blah blah… And this is how we came in, same old, same old….

When non-licensed, non-experienced persons are put in charge of significant financial matters and there are no checks and balances. there will be problems.  When any owner in a condo association takes an interest in reviewing the finances, and persons on the board spend time going door to door, spreading manure on how THAT COSTS MONEY, there will be problems.  And if you own in an association where there are a large number of people who can fall for that kinda crap, you have problems.

The prices at Van Loon have slowly  been climbing though we still disagree on what to do with our unit.  The unit itself is beautiful and we love the friends we have made in Cape Coral but condo life with a group of people who are retired leads to the pettiness and nosiness in most cases and in the worst cases; the “security camera” voyeurs as we have.  We haven’t met anyone from law enforcement backgrounds or not, that finds board members watching other owners to be necessary or normal.   It isn’t nor are those who pretend they are looking out for the community.

Keeping busy as always………  Next son getting married this Saturday, 11/11 and another grandson due next month.  4 married so far, 3 more open.

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