1137 Trash Room and Owners Leaving-Formerly in Charge

Has anyone seen a trash room when someone is moving out?   Posted below are the “trash rules” for mattresses, etc as listed on our building 1137.

May 17 2015 Trash Rules PostedSorry if it isn’t clear ( we are on vacation and off to dinner with friends), but it says to call for Waste Pro to arrange pickup of mattresses.  Our trash room stinks like something or someone died in there… maybe normal?  Since yesterday, 2 pee stained mattresses have been inside ours along with a broken up old style television.  Since it is May 17th, there are hardly any other persons in our building of 15 units. In fact, there are 4 cars that come and go, including ours.

The former Board President, Marguerite Kisner and her husband Randy have their condo, Unit 205 as a pending sale. Ms. Kisner was very diligent about ensuring that owners and especially tenants, followed the rules and regulations which she and a few others wrote and posted to the internet.  Those rules and regulations turned many a prospective buyer off, including a wonderful woman from the cold northwest who said it didn’t seem like a fun place to live or to bring her teenage sons.   They are currently being revised but below is a link to what was written in 2013 and in effect in May 2014, when many chose not to purchase here.  Does anyone see that many of these are unenforceable?


We have not personally witnessed who dragged these mattresses and trash in to the trash room and dumpster. Maybe someone who moved out came back to put them there?  (inside joke,  Memorial Day shutoff of gate access in 2013 for all tenant codes based upon a suspicion of a returning tenant trash dump)   But hmmmmm… who is moving and getting rid of trash?

This is one of the arguments we have proposed in regards to Board members with little to nothing to lose if they play with the finances; play at being in charge.  All deficits and debts will be left to those remaining.   It is possible that a former or even current Board member may not give one hoot about the place when exiting, isn’t it?   I think VLC should have a DNA test done on the pee on those mattresses.  ( Again, a ridiculous illustration of why rules that can be easily enforced should be written only)

May 17 2015 Trash 3May 17 2015 1137 Trash 2May 17 2015 1137 Trash 1



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