News to come…….Holiday Weekend 10/11/2014

For busy people like us, there is no such thing as a holiday weekend.  To me (Cathy) world news and international political problems, Ebola, etc are far more urgent and important than Van Loon Commons. And of course, they come after my family.

In the past 6 months, Jim and I have lost his mother, been blessed with Cathy’s first grandson, had a son with a knee replacement at 21 and Jim had open heart surgery in mid September. Being who we are and how we are; we made our planned trip to VLC on 10/3, 16 days post surgery for him and enjoyed 2 of the 4 days on the beach.

Today, was one of our son’s birthdays, which with 7 kids, spouses and now grandkids, cover many calendar days. Tomorrow, I will post additional emails, videos or other commentary which takes more time than you can imagine to sort through, convert or upload, such as to You Tube. Any techies who are owners (or interested parties) with necessary skills will be appreciated.



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