Parking Lot Closing: Communication Suggestion

2014 09 Lot Close

(Click on photo to enlarge-thank you again for your submissions)

As owners who come and go frequently, it would be helpful to be informed in an equal manner as owners and residents at the property, when the lot will be closed. Many owners have physical limitations that if they were to arrive, uninformed, could cause difficulty if unable to drive to their building.  An email notification or website posting would be appreciated and shouldn’t be too difficult.

At the last meeting on 9/9/14, less than 30 persons were in the clubhouse, and considering joint owners, less than 20 units represented. Regular communication using technology is free, fast, efficient and in 2014, could and should be used. It would not eliminate the requirement to post on buildings in prescribed timeframes, but would serve the majority of owners as an enhancement.

The board and management company are aware that only 30 or so units are occupied full time; all owners deserve to be kept informed whether at VLC or not.   IMHO.

Regarding the Parking Lot: We still want to know how $23,000 was in, and remains in the General Ledger reserve balances while owners were charged $14,500 as part of the 2014 Special Assessment. No answer from the board or Sentry Mgmt. At least we know we have the funds for the next time the paving is needed! 


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