Special Assessment, Betterment Fee or Desperate Fundraiser?

2014 09 28 Update:  As expected, no response has been made by the BOD or have the minutes where the vote for the back bill for 2013 identified. Besides, it is only the Huttons asking and they are a nuisance!  Well, prior to asking, of course we reviewed minutes posted to the Sentry document repository, and found July minutes which didn’t include any vote on the billing and there was no August meeting; we were present for the September which we recorded and posted and no vote was taken there.

So, there was not any BOD vote or discussion with owners present, but who cares?  The majority of owners voted for the BOD so following rules and procedures shouldn’t matter, right?

2014 09 21 Water Billing Questions

The link above is a letter emailed to the board members and CAM Lucia Stiles with questions many are asking. It is clear that despite statements of “best financial position”, we are broke. The idea to back-bill for the period of June through December 2013 is ludicrous, whether the water and sewer fixed cost allocation was fair or not. (again, we agree that it was not fair, also know no malice was intended when billing was set up but were not given the information last year by the board as it was hush hush and agreed to not discuss with the outsiders/uh owners).

The current board has floundered and acts as more of a sales team than knowlegable business persons, operating a small not for profit. Projecting a positive image, professionalism, unity, and also trashing the repuations of the Huttons will not reduce expenses nor generate additional funds. Last year, it was the “former property manager”. Honest and intelligent evaluation of our current position and adherence to the statutes and governing documents will. To accopmplish this, many changes need to be made of board members and management.  We believe VLC association has owners possessing the skills and backgrounds to serve.

Projection, not prediction: There will be another Special Assessment or Dues Increase for 2015 as we continue to mismanaged. We are looking forward to the board’s justification of the recent Special Assessment by another name; especially the minutes for the meeting this was passed from. Check back.



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