A beautiful Saturday at our condo….9/6/2014

We arrived last night around midnite to our condo, bringing  Jim’s Father Blair with us for his first visit. It was actually his first commercial air travel. His last airplane trip was to Korea and not pleasurable.  The exit gate to the community was in the open position as we had been told it was for at least one week now and remained so as of Sunday.

Our 1996 Lincoln Town Car was Blair’s prior to his gifting it to us to keep here in Florida. It has only 80,000 miles and will likely last for another 100,000 or so. Since being here, our bumper was damaged by someone backing in to it while in our spot, one side scratch from a auto car wash on Del Prado, but otherwise a great car.

We laughed to find this sticker with Parking Police Captain, Rick Aliperti’s name on it:  IMG_2329

Inoperable?  Our car is registered, insured and it is OUR SPOT.  A book of rules that was mailed out a few years ago, described unsightly cars.  That was laughable too. BOD: You have NO RIGHT to tow our legal vehicle from our spot, for low tires.  It did need a wash and Jim took it to Downtowners, after re-inflating our tires which were low from sitting unused for 3 months.  It is looking beautiful now and as one owner described it: Tony Soprano-ish. (New Jersey, HBO show on Mob if not known-we are Jersey)


Next we took a look around the property as we were told furniture had been dumped for the past 2 weeks outside 1109.  Not a great photo but you can get the “picture”  It was a hospital bed, mattresses and a table. Not our décor or we might have dragged it home.  🙂  We’re heading out to AT&T today to replace my Iphone with the new model which takes amazing photos and video which we will test out Tuesday.


At the elevator, a notice for a 9/9/14 at 8:30 am, board meeting was posted.   As in the past few years, no notice for owners not at the property has been made and the association sticks with the minimum requirement under the laws in Florida: 48 hours notice posted on the property.  It is a ghost town here now (which has always been when we loved it the most) and I checked the “Sentry Website” which is really only a payment portal with some uploaded docs – not posted on there. Some owners have told me they are flexible and would come to VLC for meetings, if they were aware of the scheduling.  We can upgrade/improve our own condo docs to include widespread notification, if BOD members wanted to.  The agenda is as follows: IMG_2330

Sorry for fuzzy. Will replace picture when I have the new camera phone. Included is the appointment of the new BOD member, which we hope will be a legal owner. Also, a discussion on how owners can request information. As many know, 3 times I have requested financial information (which is our right to review!). The first time, I was required to send a certified letter and the responses from Ms. Lucia Stiles were that it was all client privileged. (After paying Jason Himschoot $1,352 to block my obtaining-see legal bill detail). The 2nd was in May 2014 when I was a BOD member and Rick Aliperti and Ms. Stiles would not authorize my receiving copies of legal  bills (which are our right to review-I repeat). She required a certified letter and then provided. Mr. Aliperti then supposedly wrote the Infamous “Public Notice” which will be addressed. It was emailed to owners by his supporter, Marguerite Kisner, using her email address. Strange? Yes.

I requested the legal bills prior to this trip and was again told to do a cert letter and that I must copy all BOD members on communications to Ms. Stiles, as that is the “proper” request method. I asked Ms. Stiles and the BOD to direct us to the section in our docs or the statutes that dictates this. What is addressed is the association cannot DENY the info if a cert letter is sent – not that one must be used to request. Ms. Stiles then sent me some of the legal bills. (Hence the Tuesday discussion on how owners must request info on our agenda)  I also suggested they could be posted to the Sentry website (portal) but don’t expect it to happen anytime soon.

Not included were legal bills dated in July and August, nor with detail of the late June continuing discussion with Richard Deboest, Esq from late June. Maybe it was free again?  We will likely have to send a cert letter to ensure we received ALL, not some.  It’s okay though, USPS needs the revenue and we like to throw more money away to stay on top of our finances, right?  Not. The games of “you don’t need to know” continue while trash sits outside a building for 2 weeks, our car sticker was clearly a pathetic harassment attempt and the “security” gate remains broken and open.

If the spirit moves us, we will video the Tuesday meeting and figure out how to establish and link a Youtube posting.  We aren’t Youtube users, but it is free to upload and a suggestion I made in Feb 2014 that received kudos from Mr. Aliperti, but never utilized.  Yet.  Trying to move us forward in to the 2000’s, with technology and communications.  (Not going too well yet)





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