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December 2014

We returned home today from a week’s visit to our condo and received the multi-page package announcing the new and continuing board members. It is tough to be away from the future owners as you can see below:

2014 12 19 1622014 12 19 1682014 12 19 173

Having had the opportunity to speak with incoming board member, Mr. Bob Barnett, at length on one occasion, we believe he will bring experience, sensibility and knowledge needed to guide the team.

The day of our last departure, November 12th was a bit disturbing as at  we needed to leave for the airport by 5pm, a time at which the parking lot remained closed for repairs to the seal-coating performed initially in April.  At 5 pm we were told we could not return our car to its spot. Many other owners were stuck outside the gate, trying to return from work or simply return. The posted notice stated it would re-open around 1 or 1:30 that day.

When we arrived last week, there was another notice stuck in the crack of doors regarding another repair scheduled for November 19th.

2014 12 19 233It was slightly amusing as the company selected for the work was STRONGLY endorsed by the CAM at the February meeting, who stated they were excellent and she had worked with them before.  We were not told when or if it were when she was with Sentry, since she had been hired only in October 2013.  Our suggestion was to ask for a similar project in the area and do a reference check or a drive-by look.   The board voted to approve the company following the CAM endorsement and after the vote, an owner and  member of the “paving committee” attempted to speak about the company selected, with reservations. The owner was advised that the vote had been taken and no more discussion would be held on the matter.   As this owner is reported to have years of experience in the paving business, his opinions may have prevented the repeat repair work.  Another owner had told us that you don’t schedule the job in the rainy season. Oh well…………

Below is a picture of the lot in front of our building, taken this week:

2014 12 19 221Not the best resolution, but you get the picture.   Another amusing sign that has been posted in the clubhouse for the past month is below:

2014 12 19 201 We were trying to find the “wet suites” but could not locate them.  :).  Spell check can only do so much.