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November 2014 Updates: Meetings Posted on VLC Bulletin Boards for December

Greetings to all;

Thank you to the owner who forwarded to us the notices of the scheduled meetings for December; a Board meeting for 12/3/14 with topics of returning funds to the Reserve accounts from the Special Assessment funds. We aren’t clear how Reserve Funds can be used for operating expenses without a vote at an owner meeting, or how there can be a Special Assessment and then the funds replace Reserves but would like to find out. It appears a vote will now be taken, post bililng, for the back-meter billing fairness 2013, based on “fairness” after the fact.

Also a 12/10/14 meeting of a “Submeter Workshop” with Victor Lucas of UUS Water Billing Co to speak.  We seem to recollect workshops and speakers already having taken place, and yet still no metered water.  Surely other owners would appreciate knowing when meetings are scheduled; not only those at VLC.2014 12 09 Submeter Workshop2014 12 03 BOD Meeting

Jim and I had the pleasure of visiting from 11/5 through 11/12 and found that on the first day there, the pool was closed.  We were not aware of any pool closure and did our first day errands; grocery store, etc. When we finished, we headed to the pool and found the closed signs. Had we known in advance, we would have planned to go to the beach instead. (WEBSITE NEEDED FOR VAN LOON).  We made the best of it anyway and Jim had two kind-hearted women, separately, warn him that something might fall off of him from the cleaning chemicals. He faced his fears and enjoyed the cooling water and his Coors Lite.

2014 11 06

We also noted the flyer posted on the bulletin boards for the parking lot closure on 11/12 from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm. Why was the lot scheduled to be closed?  Hmmm, because the company contracted did not complete the work in April to the specifications stated?   It was the CAM, Ms. Stiles who recommended the contractor and at the end of the meeting, an owner who had been in the business advised against using them. I suggested that we request references for similar large projects but was rebuked by Mr. Aliperti for being negative.  When the job was scheduled in April, it was immediately apparant that the work was not done to the expectations.

When we arrived in November, a bulletin board notice advised that the entire lot was to be closed for half a day on 11/12. We had some of our family leaving for the airport early on 11/12 and left our classic Lincoln and rental car outside the gate.  The rest of our group was leaving at 5pm for the airport on 11/12 and we were informed that we could not return our car to the carport. SMH as they say in Texting.  (Shaking my head)    All around the gate were cars waiting to return from work, pick up people and not happy. Can I say “I told ya so”?

We also noticed that a couple of the BOD members were doing lawn maintenance on Saturday. This can be seen two ways: nice to help out or not what condo purchases are about. If we don’t rake or spread mulch, we don’t care?  We think, if someone wants to do yardwork, they buy a single family home as we have in New Jersey. If it makes them happy, that is great but owners who think dues should pay for landscaping should not be looked at as less interested, should they?

We have all received our $320 increase for 2015 and I am sure some think it is okay. Others realize that our dues have increased from $3,272 in 2013 to $4,380 in 2015.  34% increase? That is not including the Special Assessment in 2014 of $730, or the “fairness tax” which is to help cover the serious deficit caused by the inaction of the 2013 BOD President to fix our meters (and to beat the dead horse – Board Only!).    But we do have FREE WATER!  I must say that when we had 5 family members staying with us for a few days in November, and constant showers, we were thankful!  If only we could get the Electric to be in the dues, we would invite them all the time! Hahaha.