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Current Pres: Rick Aliperti (Updated 10/14/14 – Part 2)

Moving in to March 2014, no visible progress had been made.  The board could not move one way or the other and the only uniting factor seemed to be omitting me from communications – for being too negative.  My review of the budget, finances and situation left from 2013 was negative, remains negative and it was the Salesman versus the Accountant.  Most owners had and have no idea who Jim and I were/are and easily believed what they were told about my destroying board progress. We could not figure out how this was possible since they were the majority, as Ms. Hallihan wrote to Mr. Aliperti. The 4 of their votes made mine a zero.

Occasionally, Paul Weber or Brenda Hallihan would include me on what the other 4 were discussing. One such inclusion, was a meeting planned with the “legal team” for the “Florida Board Members”, to discuss the meters.  Mr. Aliperti explained the purpose of the “NO CHARGE” meeting was to discuss water meter issues and why I was omitted. 2014 03 07 Rick_Fla_only_by_Lucia_Cathy_must_call_him  I was also corrected (again) for using his proper name. At this point, I had not yet met Mr. Aliperti in person and did not, and do not, consider ourselves to be friends or even have the same long-range interests for Van Loon’s financial health.  I prepared a note regarding open owner meetings (one of many) and with the section from our condo docs that allowed 2 methods for the passage of amendments. Chapter_718_Atty_Meet_No_Owners  This was reviewed by the attorneys and the board members present (the majority 4) left the meeting, with Ms. Stiles present, believing the amendment was legally passed.  The minutes received stated that the amendment was legal, which many of us who have been around since the vote, have known throughout this farce. 2014 03 13_mins.

With love and gratitude, I received this friendly notice from Mr. Aliperti, that he was again blocking all emails from me.  2014_03_14_Blocking_Again_Call_Me  Yet I should still call him…..maybe kiss the ring??  lol

Newsletters were mailed to owners describing how billing would commence and how there was a Surplus in March (not complicated but read Underwater analysis for March) … just because you don’t pay all the amount budgeted for a month, or incur the expenses (maintenance, cleaning) in a particular month – and if you are using EXPECTED or budgeted revenues, you may not really have a Surplus……

Through Brenda Hallihan, Mr. Aliperti then requested a meeting with me as Jim and I do spend time at VLC throughout the year and were present in March.  I offered him to stop at our condo and stated that we could not meet, three of us at the clubhouse as requested, as that constituted a board meeting in violation of the Sunshine Laws. Both visited while we were cleaning our condo on our last day that trip and Mr. Aliperti again told me what a nice guy he was and about the good of Van Loon.  I could not agree with him as for the past two months, it appeared that he was selling snow to Eskimos, was most concerned with the “appearance” of the board as organized and “professional” as he chastised in one email and had not bothered to increase his knowledge of the governing statutes, documents, not for profit accounting, etc…..

By April, no communications were including me and I repeatedly asked to be included by Ms. Stiles of Sentry Management, through Mr. Aliperti who replied to me by email that the reason I “felt excluded”….blah blah blah.  Sorry, I did not step up to get involved to join Girl Scouts, a bird watching society or to sing kumbayah together.  Having a licensed CAM include 4 of 5 board members is unprofessional but was not objected to by any of the other members.  Receiving email from Mr. Aliperti to the others, and Ms. Stiles directing them to include “appropriate only” confirmed that it was by agreement, not accident.

Next up: The recall and lack of progress for meters – June “waffling” by Richard Deboest, Esquire….the late notification for the audit report which stated our entire water expense for 2013 was under $1000!, and the recent billing, going  back 18 months????  Part 3.  The “Public Notice” needs to be taken apart too.



News to come…….Holiday Weekend 10/11/2014

For busy people like us, there is no such thing as a holiday weekend.  To me (Cathy) world news and international political problems, Ebola, etc are far more urgent and important than Van Loon Commons. And of course, they come after my family.

In the past 6 months, Jim and I have lost his mother, been blessed with Cathy’s first grandson, had a son with a knee replacement at 21 and Jim had open heart surgery in mid September. Being who we are and how we are; we made our planned trip to VLC on 10/3, 16 days post surgery for him and enjoyed 2 of the 4 days on the beach.

Today, was one of our son’s birthdays, which with 7 kids, spouses and now grandkids, cover many calendar days. Tomorrow, I will post additional emails, videos or other commentary which takes more time than you can imagine to sort through, convert or upload, such as to You Tube. Any techies who are owners (or interested parties) with necessary skills will be appreciated.